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Conservatory Cleaning

Do you have a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof that could do with a clean up? The harsh British climate can cause a build up of algae, lichen, dirt and grime on conservatory panels and can soon make them look unsightly - left unchecked these can cause permanent stains on the roof supports.

Pressure Washing

We offer professional pressure washing services, with solutions for nearly every external surface, no matter how hard to reach. From footpaths & driveways right up to the roof - we can handle it all!

Pressure washing



Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are an asset to any property, providing cheaper and environmentally friendly energy. However, being fitted directly onto the roof these are first in line to collect any dust, leaves and other debris, needing sunlight to work at their maximum efficiently, these things can actually effect the way your solar panels work, maybe even reducing the amount of energy collected, partially blocking the suns rays.

Cleaning a Solar Panel is not just cosmetic. A panel needs to be clean for it to operate at its rated capacity.

The purified water we use for all our cleaning services is the perfect solution to clean your Solar Panels and will clean them as well as any other surface. Using our water fed pole system we can reach even the most awkward roof panels without climbing onto the roof - and our "Pure Water" and "eco-friendly" products will revive even the dirtiest of panels back to a sparkling shine.

So if you feel that your Solar Panels need a little attention and maintenance, just give us a call.

Gutter, Fascia and Cladding

Having upvc Fascia, Soffit, Cladding and Gutters certainly make a great improvement to the exterior of any property but unfortunately, they are not completely maintenance free.

Using our GutterVac system we can quickly & safely remove debris from even the hardest to reach gutters - and then our pure water cleaning system can polish them up like new again.